She stole my heart with her beautiful smile. Her eagerness to learn and explore life brings excitement to me. She is a jewel and a diamond and a treasure to me.

Amanda and Courtney

Stephen is always excited and ready to go. His motivation and interest in learning is encouraging. It brings me joy when I see the smile on his face when we spend time together. He’s taught me to be patient and enjoy the moment.

Granville and Stephen

Through our amazing journey of friendship Mr. Frazier has taught me the ability to grow and change as I’ve watched him stretch himself beyond all comfort levels. He brings us joy and we are proud to have him as a part of our family.

Connelly and Mr. Frazier

I thought I was adopting him, but instead he was adopting me. He’s a brave soul through all of the challenges in his life. He’s taught me about walking in faith and to continue to look to God.

Chris and Gary

Alexia amazes me with her insight and wisdom. She taught me to trust again

Jo and Alexia

Cornorris shows me the possibility and potential of all students when they put forth the efforts. He fills my heart with joy whenever I see him; he is a spark of light to me.

Zita and Cornorris